Best external hard drive for disaster recovery?
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Thread: Best external hard drive for disaster recovery?

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    Best external hard drive for disaster recovery?

    I am looking to backup my hard drive (40G) onto an external one. I need to clone EVERYTHING for disaster recovery. When finished, the external hard drive should be an exact duplicate of the desktop hard drive. Two questions:

    1. What is the best and most reliable external hard drive I can get for under $100?

    2. What is the best way via software or any other way to clone the desktop hard drive to the external one?

    Suggestions & recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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    1) There's nothing to choose between them really. Personally I buy a drive and an enclosure and build my own.

    2) Acronis True Image:

    Acronis True Image Home

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    Cloning is old skool. IMAGING is what you want to do. You have several images versus a single clone.

    40G is tiny nowadays. There isn't one best brand of drives. They are mechanical devices. It's not if they will fail, it's when.

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