Help. Keyboard disabled and forgot Administrator password
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Thread: Help. Keyboard disabled and forgot Administrator password

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    Help. Keyboard disabled and forgot Administrator password

    Wife's computer with XP pro has:
    User account with no password needed to enter.
    Her account which needs a password to enter.
    Administrator account which is also password protected.

    She was in the User account and disabled the keyboard. She does Not remember the password for the Administrator.

    We have tried rebooting, safe mode, right clicking the keyboard under device hardware and try to enable it, her keyboard is a ps2 so I bought a USB one thinking when it rebooted the system would see a new device but that didnt work either. With everything we have tried so far the standard box that pops up is (you dont have admin privileges to enable).

    Is there anyway to fix this and enable the keyboard again?



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    Hopefully you'll get other suggestions but first, in any acc't can you enable the on screen keyboard?

    Then in her acc't or the user acc't can she set up a new acc't with full admin priviledges?
    Or how about a system restore to a point just before the switch?
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