SD reader crashes my computer
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Thread: SD reader crashes my computer

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    SD reader crashes my computer

    Hardware specs:
    Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop
    Windows XP SP3

    Any time I insert an SD card into the SD card reader on my laptop Windows freezes. This can happen under a number of different circumstances. At first this seemed to only happen when I had a CD in my CD-Rom drive. This was pretty consistent for along time. If I were to first ensure that a disk was not in the drive then pretty frequently inserting an SD card would work fine. However, this has changed. Now Windows just seems to crash given almost any circumstance when I insert an SD card into the reader. Just this morning, I inserted the card and it crashed and so I rebooted and then tried again. This time, when I inserted the machine seemed to work fine but I couldn't open My Computer. I had double clicked the icon several times and My Computer would not open. Looking at the Task Manager, there was no indication that the computer was even trying to open My Computer. I then removed the SD card from the reader and then suddenly several instances of My Computer popped up.

    I then decided that maybe I needed to update the drivers for my SD card reader and so I got on Dell's website and downloaded their driver for the reader, however, upon attempting to install it, it failed with an error message saying, "The computer does not support this Operating System". Which is crazy because it's currently running the operating system. Taking a closer look at the driver that I downloaded from Dell's website it shows, under the Compatibility section, that the driver was written for Windows XP. Therefore, there's no reason why this driver should not support my current operating system.

    Device Manager shows the reader being called, "SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller". Driver details show that I'm using the standard Microsoft driver dated 10/1/2002 version 6.0.4069.5.

    Anyway, since I can't get an updated driver for my SD card reader from Dell I'm stuck. Would there happen to be any suggestions out there that can help me?

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Until I read your driver update fiasco, that was my thought...

    What type of SD card are you using? One of the newer HC cards? If so, that could be your issue. Many older readers don't support them. Also, some older card readers won't work past a certain SD card memory size. I have an older HP laptop that can't work with anything larger than 2GB.

    An excellent alternative would be to buy and use a decent quality USB SD card reader. I have yet to ever see one that won't work... No matter whether your card is HC rated or how many GB the card is.

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