DVR setup for viewing online (outside of home network)
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Thread: DVR setup for viewing online (outside of home network)

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    DVR setup for viewing online (outside of home network)

    I am a total newbie to all this DDNS stuff, but here goes...
    My parents just installed some security cameras at their home. They would like to be able to view the cameras when they are away via the internet. I went over there this weekend and got the DVR unit hooked up to their home network, and assigned the DVR a static IP address using DHCP reservations in the router's settings. They can view their cameras now from their home computers with no problem.
    Now....I read that the only way they will be able to view their cameras when away is if they got a DNS host. (because of having dynamic IP from ISP instead of static) I also read about having to forward ports and then I got them signed up with a free account.
    And now...I am completely at a loss as to what I need to do and what settings I need to have entered where to make this work.

    They have a Trendnet TEW-631BRP router. (If anyone cares to look at the users manual on that router, here is the direct link to the site where it can be dowloaded: )
    All their computers run XP, and the DVR unit has a software program called "Remote Agent" The DVR unit has settings that can be modified. These settings are:
    DHCP on or off, DDNS on or off, DDN Name (which is currently "DVR.NAME") and IP address, gateway, subnet, and the other typical Network settings.
    I plugged in the settings for my router (as far as the gateway and DNS servers and stuff are concerned) and assigned it the IP address that I reserved for it. The DVR says that the webserver port of 80 and the client port is 6100.

    The router did not have a setting that specifically said "port forwarding" so I am not sure where in my router i need to enter anything. I tried enabling DDNS on the router and plugged in the host info I got when I signed them up with I entered the DVR's internal private LAN IP address for the address in that set up. (Not sure if that was correct or not..)

    If anyone can help me out here it would be appreciated!!

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    17,317 > Routers and Port Forwarding
    In most routers, a port forwarding rule take the following information:
    • Application Name: The label for the forwarding rule.

    • Start and End Port: The application's port(s), e.g. 80 for HTTP. Many routers will allow you to forward an array of ports with a single rule.

    • Protocol: The protocol (TCP, UDP or Both) for the forwarding rule. The protocol depends on the type of service you are providing (e.g. webservers use TCP).

    • IP Address: The internal IP address of the destination device in the LAN, usually beginning with 192.168.x. If your router dynamically assigns internal IPs with DHCP, you will need to configure the server device to use an internal static IP address.

    The best source for more detailed information about routers and port forwarding, as well as step-by-step pictorial walkthroughs for most common routers, is If you are setting up a new service and configuring your router for the first time, it is highly recommended to read their guides and walkthroughs to determine the necessary changes you will need to make to correctly forward ports in your router.

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    thank you for your reply, but I have already read/seen that info. Unfortunately, my routers settings do not have seem to hqave EXACTLY that info to be filled in. Like, nowhere can i enter a starting and ending port #....
    I was hoping that someone could look at the guide and tell me which setting screen i would be using to do this port forwarding thing...

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    Pick the right router and in the manual under Advanced Special Applications, Trigger port is what you want to do the port forwarding. They just changed the name.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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