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Thread: NEED Amptron-PIII-3754LMR manual

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    You could download 7zip and use that to unzip your files.

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    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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    Finally found manual for Amptron P-III 3754LMR

    Sorry for necroposting
    I've googled and find this forum as first answer-website.
    I'm registering here just to help anyone who tries to find a manual for Amptron P-III 3754LMR manual for motherboard!
    I'm having this one - it's SAME PC CHIPS M754LMR !!!
    It contains Uli\Ali M1631 chip, sis900 network, GFxPro133 (actually it's aladdint tnt 2 videocard)
    3 pci slots, no agp and 512mb ram compatibility.
    Tech info you can found here:

    And here is manual for this motherboard. it named v1.3 under Pentium III & Pentium II (Slot1 / Socket 370) section :

    use CTRL+F to find it by a keyword M754LMR.

    You will download a zip-archive (used 7z to open it), zip-archive will contain .doc file, Office 2007-2010 will open it.

    Also, i've downloaded it here, on a forum. So, if TQM website will go offline, you can just download it from a forum.


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    Eleven Years.... I guess it's possible that someone somewhere is using the old board.
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