Windows Boot Manager options screen on startup (how to remove)
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Thread: Windows Boot Manager options screen on startup (how to remove)

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    Windows Boot Manager options screen on startup (how to remove)


    This morning I started up my computer and noticed that windows boot manager options screen came up. There were two options, the first was to start windows vista and the second was to run a memory diagnostic. I ran a memory diagnostic first thinking some error had come up. The memory diagnostic showed nothing. So, I restarted the computer and ran across the windows boot manager options screen again. Can anyone help me out on how to not get that screen on load up?

    Things of note

    1. I am running windows vista
    2. I tried doing a system restore but could not do it successfully. I did this four times and each time it was unsuccessful.
    3. I went to MSCONFIG and noticed that the safe boot was not checked.
    4. I dont know if this has any bearing but when it comes up to asking for the password I entered it correctly and it rejected it. I entered it again a second time and it accepted it just fine.

    Thank you for any help you can give in advance


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    What does the paragraph at the top of that screen say is the reason for it appearing? Normally it should only come up if it thinks Windows didn't start or shut down properly.
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    In your Control Panel, under System, Advanced System Settings, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery, Settings button, does it look like the attached picture?

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    You might want to check out this thread:

    That might be what your looking for.


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