Help Downgrading a Gateway FX7020 to XP Please!
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Thread: Help Downgrading a Gateway FX7020 to XP Please!

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    Help Downgrading a Gateway FX7020 to XP Please!

    I have a Gateway FX720 that came preinstalled with windows vista home premium. Needless to say im not too happy with vista and would like to downgrade to windows xp. My only problem is that Gateway doesnt offer xp drivers for this model. I tried installing windows xp but i had alot of yellow marks with missing drivers. I was told that i could try getting component xp drivers and that would help. My problem is that im not to computer savy and i have no idea how to go about getting these. If anyone on this board has downgraded a similar pc to xp, i would appreciate if i got pointed to the right direction for getting xp drivers for it.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Hi, welcome to VirtualDr.

    I hope you have a recovery partition or recovery disk to restore your system; that will make it easier to inventory the hardware you have so you can search for XP drivers for the pieces. There's no big mystery, it's just detective work finding drivers.

    One thing you can try is checking the eMachines website for an identical (unlikely) or similar (possible) system. Gateway owns eMachines and should share a few components, and thus the drivers. You can even do a piecemeal search there. Good luck!

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