Removing background color (grey) from scanned pages
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Thread: Removing background color (grey) from scanned pages

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    Removing background color (grey) from scanned pages

    I have scanned a few pages of a technical article from an old book, which contain diagrams and a few lines of text - all in black & white. The scanned files are in jpg (3072 x 3972 pixels) format. But the scanned pages are showing a greyish background, which I want to remove (because I want to include the diagrams in a Word 2003 document, and they would not appear good, and are a complete waste of toner).

    I am using WinXP Sp2, and have the following software to handle graphics and photos:
    - Microsoft Paint
    - Windows Fax Viewer
    - Microsoft Office Picture Manager

    How can I change the background color to 'plain white' using any one of the above software ?

    Appreciate your guidance. You people are a great technical help !

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    You need to adjust brightness and contrast if your using a DTP application [Paint shop pro and the ilk] or rescan in black and white if not.There should be some controls in your scanner software which may help if you have no other application to do it after the fact.Each package is different so its hard to be specific.

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