Maxtor DiamondMAX 16 Hard Drive.
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    Red face Maxtor DiamondMAX 16 Hard Drive.

    I have a Maxtor DiamondMAX 16 120 gb ATA 133 hard drive, that I removed from an obsolete satellite DVR box. It was manufactured in Feb 2005.I tried to connect it through an USB SATA/IDE cable setup. The drive is definitely spinning as I can feel the vibration. It does not show anywhere, not on My Computer, Device Manager or the Control Panel Management site. No difference whether it is connected as master or slave.

    This same cable setup worked perfectly on adrive I removed froman old Compaq, and also on a NEC CD/DVD - RW optical drive. I now have them connected in a proper enclosures.

    I suspect that a proper driver is needed, but I cannot find it on the internet. Maxtor site is useless, however I downloaded a manual for this model, which is not much help as it is aimed at factory installers. This model is marked as a desktop drive. Nowhere can I find a source for the driver.
    My question is , am I embarking on Mission Impossible, or are there certain steps I must go through to make this work. Also, where can I get a driver for this product?. No big deal if I don't succeed, but it would be nice to end up with a 120 GB freebie HD. Your help will be appreciated.
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    The problem is that that drive isn't formatted to NTFS or FAT32, which is what you need, either one or the other for your computer to see it. Until you or someone figures out how to format to one of those types of file systems, the drive is basically useless in a PC.

    And IDE drives don't come with or need drivers.
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    The only drivers needed are built into Windows, you won't have any luck in findindg tham seaparately. The fact that it isn't even showing in Device Manager suggests either that it isn't jumpered correctly, or it is a faulty drive. Double check the jumper settings first of all.

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