Can a virus attack a DSL modem?
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Thread: Can a virus attack a DSL modem?

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    Can a virus attack a DSL modem?

    I'm on dsl and tonight it's been wacky. It's connected/then disconnects/ connect/ disconnects....lights green...lights red...never been like this before. Just wondering if the modem can be affected by a virus?

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    Not heard of any Sal you could try resetting the moden using the appropriate button,reenter all your settings and see if it helps.It could be the modem is just failing my old one used to disconnect or lose the network for no apparent reason on occasion.

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    It could just be the DSL connection to your home.

    I have Verizon DSL and have noticed when I first got it that the DSL and Internet light on the modem will blink while I am surfing and that sometimes it goes dark for a minute, interrupting my connection, before it will come back on.

    Rebooting the modem helps. I also found that by switching the IP address to one of the free gateways helped a little while also giving me protection from phishing sites and other bad web sites. sorry I can not remember the name.

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