Transfer music from DVD to PC (CD)
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Thread: Transfer music from DVD to PC (CD)

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    Transfer music from DVD to PC (CD)

    I'd like to know how to transfer music from DVD to PC

    Thank you

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    Hi, are you talking about a bunch of music files that have been burned to a dvd. If so just create a new folder to the desktop, rename it to Music Files, put the music dvd into the drive, go to my computer right click on the dvd drive & click explore, on the view tab select details, then click the edit tab & select all, open the new folder & drag & drop all the music files into the new folder. SW

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    That which SW posted will work just fine, but if you decide to burn them to cd, slow the burn speed down to 24X or less. You will appreciate the difference!
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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    Mike Kea--Depending on the format the music files are in, you should be able to play the DVD on your PC (by putting it in your DVD-ROM and using Windows Media Player, Real, etc.). There may not be much point in downloading the music to your HD, unless you have a very large HD.
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