Will my Vaio handle this game?
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Thread: Will my Vaio handle this game?

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    Question Will my Vaio handle this game?

    Hi guys, i have a sony vaio VGN-N395E my specs are as follows, Windows vista home premium, Intel Centrino Duo, 2GB ram, Intel GMA 950 graphics accelerator. I was wondering if my computer can handle the new game hellgate-london if so how can i get it to run? Do i have to make some adjustments on my computer? Please let me know if i can play this game thanx guys.

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    I think you'll find your onboard graphics card isn't up to snuff. But run either of the two gaming diagnostics provided in the link below:

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    To run at any sort of decent framerate and resolution you'll need to really lower settings, set everything to low, run it at about 800x600 or 1024x768, and use no AA/AF.

    Personally i heard it was a little too short, and completeable in around 3 hours, plus the subscription fee is a negative IMO.

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    Thanx for the website guys that really help. thanx

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