NOD32 AntiVirus won't update Virus Definitions
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Thread: NOD32 AntiVirus won't update Virus Definitions

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    NOD32 AntiVirus won't update Virus Definitions

    I have a HP NC6000 Laptop. It is running very well and i use the Norton Ghost Images, So what a do is i often times do a restore from one of my images, i feel it keeps my Laptop fresh, and i've been happy with the results. Instead of doing a format and having to reinstall everything, it's all there in an image file. Well the problem is that when you do the Ghost restore, Things that need constant updating will quickly be out of date. Now i've been trying and trying to update NOD32, and it does tell me that my Virus definitions have been updated, BUT the problem is that Windows keeps giving me the security center info, saying that my antivirus program is out of date. Now i've done just about everything, but i can't seem to get it up to date. NOD32 is the best Antivirus in my eyes and i would hate to have to find another Antivirus. This is the Version of the Virus update that i have. Maybe someone can tell me if it is what they also have Ver: 1.1266. Please if anyone has any ideas, i'm all ears. Thanx in advance.
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    Here's NODs list of current updates..

    Yours appears to be old. I don't use NOD but perhaps a reinstall might solve the problem. Otherwise someone who uses it may be along before too long to offer more specific help.
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    Yes, your NOD32 signature database is very outdated. Mine is now at 1.1515.

    I agree with fink. I would download the latest verison of NOD32, uninstall the current setup, reboot, make sure the old program files are totally deleted (look for C:\Program Files\ESET and if it's there, delete the entire folder) and then install the new package.

    Hopefully that will get you going again!
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