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    Okay, I noticed that my computer was acting weird a couple days ago, and then when it said that I was low on disk space when I had just deleted about 700 MB of crap days before, I knew something was wrong. I also started getting popups, which didn't ever happen, because my blockers were sufficient. The popups were some ads telling me to get SysProtect because my computer was vulnerable. So I ran Panda ActiveScan, and it came up with a few spyware programs that I easily deleted, and also said that I had a Trojan in a file called iiijk.dll in my Windows\System32 folder. For some reason, ActiveScan didn't delete it and detected it again when I rescanned. I went looking for the damned file and couldn't find it, but what I also noticed, was that my recycle bin (which is supposed to be Norton Protected) was filling up with this file ortss.ini2. It says that this file is being deleted about 3 times every ten seconds, so it fills up the recycle bin, taking all my new space with it. As with the iiijk.dll, I can't find this file either, even though it is being deleted from the Windows\System32 folder. I have no idea what to do about it, so help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1) Recommend following the instructions on this VirtualDr page: http://discussions.virtualdr.com/sho...d.php?t=167915

    2) Then wait for one of our experts to jump in with their recommendations ...

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