How to switch master hard drives between two computers?
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Thread: How to switch master hard drives between two computers?

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    How to switch master hard drives between two computers?


    I have a problem with switching master hard drives between two computers. I want to put my current 120 GB drive connected to a 1.5 GHz computer with 256 RDRAM to a 1.0 GHz computer with 512 SDRAM. The hardware in the two computers are totally different. I then want to put a new hard drive into my 1.5 GHz computer.

    Initially i thought the switch would be as easy as just popping out my 120 GB drive and putting it into the other computer. However there are many hardware compatability issues.

    Also the programs and data on the 120GB hard drive is very important so a reformat is out of the question. Would simply uninstalling all the drivers from Device Manager and the putting the drive into the other computer help? (would windows be able to detect the other hardware and drivers and put them on automatically)

    Also do i need to do anything with my windows professional disk (bootable).

    Detailed Specs: Windows XP Professional SP2 on (Computer A Hard Drive)

    The original computer has (Computer A):

    Dell 8100 series

    Pentium IV running at 1.5 GHz
    256 RDRAM
    Graphics Card: ATI 9600XT
    NEC NR CD ROM drive
    Standard floppy disk
    IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers
    Conexant HCF V90 56k RTAD Speakerphone PCI Modem
    1394 Net Adapter
    RealTek RTL8139 Family PCI Express Fast Ethernet NIC
    Communications Port (COM 1)
    Default Printer Port (LPT1)
    ATI TV Wonder Pro
    4 USB Hub

    Computer B:

    I want to move the hard drive in [Computer A] to [Computer B]

    manufacturer: DELL (older version then 8100 series)

    Pentium III running at 1.0 GHz
    Graphics Card: Intel 82810E Graphics Controller
    COM1 and COM2 and LPT1 ports
    Network Adapter: Com3 3C920 Intergrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible)
    2 USB Port

    ... and thats it nothing fancy on that one

    When i moved the hard drive in Computer A to Computer B (i only uninstalled the display driver and the TV wonder pro drivers) it when to a black screen in the beginning saying hardware had compatability issues and windows stopped running to prevent damage to the computer. So i had to switch my hard drive back.

    How do I resolve this?

    Please help thx

    EDIT: To resolve confusion I'm just moving a hard drive from one computer to the other while attempting to retain all the programs and information on the hard drive. So this link:

    didn't really help me because i dont have a new drive, just moving an old one.
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    Hi Valoem welcome to VDR

    Windows XP is not the same as earlier versions of windows it gets very pinikity when you change the motherboard which is essentially what you've done.So try the suggestion in the following link by the Elder geek and see if it helps.Just be sure to back up important information before hand: Replace Motherboard on a Windows XP System
    You will need to reinstall all update patches which are not included on your windows CD after the repair just ensure windows firewall is activated before connecting to the net.
    BTW Dont know where your linking but I get a 404 not found

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    An over-the-top reapair install is all that you need to do. Boot up with the XP CD in the drive and let Setup run. Go past the "C" and "R" repair options by presssing Enter just as if you're doing a clean install and you'll eventually get an option to "Repair an existing installation". That's the one you want. If it asks about formatting you've gone wrong, so start over.

    You'll get to keep your existing apps & settings, but you need to re-install SP2, Windows Updates & any unsigned drivers afterwards. NOTE: Be aware that you'll lose any protection from Blaster / Sasser type worms. Don't go online without a firewall, whether the built in Windows one or 3rd party.

    How to perform a re-install of WinXP

    Repair XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by 104456
    Hi Valoem welcome to VDR

    ..........BTW Dont know where your linking but I get a 404 not found
    try here

    Looks like the link was not copied fully, next time you can just change the thread number in your address bar and go there too.
    If you think AOL sucks just try MSN to see really bad service.

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