Spilled water on my laptop...help?
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Thread: Spilled water on my laptop...help?

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    Spilled water on my laptop...help?

    I spilled a bit of water on my laptops keyboard. I'm not sure how much got in but when it did, I turned off the laptop right away, and got a towel and hair dryer to try to dry it. While I was drying it, the F3 key fell out and I can't get it back in.

    I kept it off for like 2 hours before I turned it back on and when I did, everything booted up fine but now only a few keys work. Maybe 5-6 keys work at different times.

    Each reboot, more random keys work but the ones that worked previuosly don't work, but might work 3 minutes later. Either way I only have maybe 5-6 keys, tops, working at any given time.

    I turned it off for another 2 hours thinking maybe it wasn't dry. Same thing.

    Gave as much details as I could, even though some of it may be irrelavant, as I don't know much about laptops and hopefully it will help narrow down the cause.

    Anyone know what could be the problem? Am I pretty much screwed and should just take it in to the shop? Or give it more time?

    Oh, and it's a Dell Inspiron 1150 if that matters.
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    Not sure about laptop keyboard, but I would imagine that it's similiar to a desktop keyboard. I have ruined many keyboards by getting too much liquid in them, even though they dry out they don't work right anymore, so maybe someone else can shed more light on it but it looks like you have the choice of a usb keyboard or taking it in to see if they can fix it.

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    It could be there is residual water between the keyboard membrane which is causing problems perhaps putting it in a warm airing cupboard if you have one for a day or two would possibly dry it out.If the keyboard is faulty you could either use an external keyboard or purchase a replacement either through dell or an auction site.

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