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    What is atdmt.com

    After a long inspection I have seen that thier are to many requests for this domain even the most visited site is view.atdmt.com. There are also similer hits like switch.atdmt.com, spe.atdmt.com etc. I want to know what should I do with this domain should I block it or not.

    Does any of you seen this domain on his network.

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    azfarhashmi--atdmt.com and its cousins appear on lists of sites suggested to be included in HOSTS and Restricted Sites. HOSTS and Restricted Sites either block access to or restrict activity of such sites on your PC. atdmt.com looks like something you want to block/avoid. Do you know how to set up a HOSTS file or add to your Restricted Sites?
    P.S. Believe atdmt is part of the AvenueA family of advertisers and depositors of tracking cookies. You may want to follow the following procedure to be sure you do not have such malware on your PC.
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