LMOUSE.VXD-Windows failed to locate this device
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Thread: LMOUSE.VXD-Windows failed to locate this device

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    LMOUSE.VXD-Windows failed to locate this device

    My OS is Win98SE. I have 384 mbs ram.

    I got the message that windows could not locate this device and that LMOUSE.VXD was not found and I would have to reinstall Windows.

    I can boot to safe mode. I can navigate to my A drive but I cannot see my either of my CD ROM's.

    I cannot reinstall windows either, not an option.

    I did scanreg /restore and restored a previous registry with no errors but that did not fix the issue and won't from what I have read.

    Can I extract the missing LMOUSE.VXD file from my Windows floppy or my Logitech CD?

    I tried reinstalling my mouseware from safemode but I cannot install from safe mode.

    So, I need advice on what to do.

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    When you say "I cannot reinstall windows either, not an option." do you mean that you can't because you do not want to lose any info on your hard disk? If you have the disk you can install Windows 98 over itself without losing anything.

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    Reinstalling wont help anyway.
    Why do so many people want to do that?
    It wont help

    Boot SAFE MODE
    Does your mouse work now?
    Yes or no

    If yes it is not the mouse.
    Note: wireless or USB mice might not work in SAFE MODE in Windows 98!

    run sysedit
    Search for and comment out the LMOUSE.VXD entry with a semicolon in the system.ini file

    Also check the win.ini file for mouse drivers loading in the

    delete them

    That should take care of it
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    I'm very sorry. Is this a Gateway system?

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    Put lmouse.vxd in the search box in Google.
    Perhaps one of the hits will help.
    It is a small file (144kb) and belongs in Windows\System.
    Plug in another mouse (PS/2) type and work on it from there.
    Check your mouse connectors.
    What type of mouse is it? ie: wireless, USB, optical ?

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