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    volume is dirty?

    what does it mean when i get a blue screen of death with the phrase "volume is dirty". i got it 4 times in a row. windows xp home starts and just before the desktop comes up i get the blue screen. i have 2 hard drives. c is the primary and f is the slave. it tells me f is dirty. i am defragmenting it right now. i never had this problem before. i do have win xp pro installed on it, but it never interfeared before. i just use it put stuff on there. nothing recently. i did a early hard drive failair test, but it came up with nothing. any ideas?

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    Volumes that have file system errors are known as dirty volumes. If a volume is dirty, it has experienced file system errors, and you must run Chkdsk on the volume to repair the problem.

    If a volume's dirty bit is set, this indicates that the file system may be in an inconsistent state. The dirty bit can be set because the volume is online and has outstanding changes, because changes were made to the volume and the computer shutdown before the changes were committed to disk, or because corruption was detected on the volume. If the dirty bit is set when the computer restarts, chkdsk runs to verify the consistency of the volume.

    Every time you start a computer running one of the operating systems in Windows XP or the Windows Server 2003 family, Autochk.exe is called by the Kernel to scan all volumes to check if the volume dirty bit is set. If the dirty bit is set, autochk performs an immediate chkdsk /f on that volume. Chkdsk /f verifies file system integrity and attempts to fix any problems with the volume.

    To query the dirty bit on drive C:, type:
    fsutil dirty query c:
    chkntfs c:
    (You can also use the fsutil dirty command to mark a volume as dirty).

    Running Chkdsk from My Computer or Windows Explorer

    New in Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems

    Fsutil: dirty

    Google: site:microsoft.com xp "volume is dirty"

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    If you cannot boot into Windows, then you need to boot up with the WinXP CD in the drive and go to the Recovery Console. You can run Chkdsk from there.

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