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    Nothing in config.sys

    Is it okay to have nothing in config.sys? I'm troubleshooting my cdrom because I keep getting "not accessible, drive not ready" error when I try to use it. I checked config.sys and there's nothing there. I have other config files with extensions syd, dos, and win and there's nothing there either.

    To err is human. To forget to turn the NumLock on is just plain stupid.
    To err is human. To forget to turn the NumLock on is just plain stupid.

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    Win95 doesn't need to have anything in the Config.sys file, Win95 (supposedly) loads all the drivers needed for the CD-ROM drive on it's own.

    Try booting with a Win98 boot disk and see if the CD-ROM drive works in DOS mode. During the boot process, you should see a message indicating which letter is assigned to the CD-ROM drive, let's assume it receives drive letter E:. Insert a know good data (not music) CD disk and use the following command:

    DIR E:\*.* /S

    You should see a listing of every file on the CD disk.

    If you don't have a Win98 boot disk, you can download one from here: WWW.BOOTDISK.COM

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