Nothing opens when I click icons, or run start menu
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Thread: Nothing opens when I click icons, or run start menu

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    Nothing opens when I click icons, or run start menu

    I have a clients PC here that theyve asked me to work on.
    They said something about a trojan but dont know anything else about it, they dont know much about computers.

    when i went to take a look at it, the computer would boot up and everything, but when I would go to open any file on the desktop, it wouldnt open, it would just sit there.. if I click the start button it freezes.. I can still click on things, but the start menu stays open etc..

    I managed to get into networked safe-mode and download a few spyware cleaners (ad-aware[which just froze up] and spy-bot) and cleaned off what I could. There were still a few hi-jacks stuck on there but i could get those off later im almost positive thats not the reason why this computer wont open anything.

    I CANNOT format this computer, it has my clients company on it, and they do not back anything up (that will soon change) and so they cant lose whats on here or they WILL go under.

    any suggestions?

    The Specs:
    Compaq presario SR1135CL
    512mb ram
    120gb hdd
    windows xp

    anything else please let me know!!

    (x-posted sorry)

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    Ghost the drive prior to formatting this drive. Ghost disk to disk or image the drive, this way your client will not loss anything.

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    Do you have the recovery disks? If so, I beleive you can use those to do a sfc /scannow at the run menu. That might put their desktop back in opening programs, but you'll eventually need to clean every thing off or you'll still have problems. Go to our Hijackthis Log Forums, and Follow the instructions on using Hijackthis. The instructions are in the third sticky in that forum. crunchie and P3 can help you clean this computer up. Have you emptied temporary internet files, also all files in the temp folders, delete cookies, and turn off system restore to remove any thing hiding in there.
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