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    Wether you know this or not I feel that I should post this. Microsoft doesn't have the fix for this problem anywhere in there site. Whenever I searched for the fix to this particular error code, the only fixes I found were for error 0x8ddd0003 or for other problems that would not help any.

    Error 0x8ddd0004 is an error that won't let you access windows update site. You can't even check to see that the windows update software is up to date. Automatic updates don't work either.

    I have the fix but it will require some typing in the command prompt.

    1. Click on Start, point to "Run", type cmd and click ok
    2. Type in "regsvr32 JSCRIPT.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    3. Type in "regsvr32 MSXML3.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    4. Type in "regsvr32 ATL.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    5. Type in "regsvr32 WUAPI.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    6. Type in "regsvr32 WUAUENG.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    7. Type in "regsvr32 WUAUENG1.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    8. Type in "regsvr32 WUCLTUI.DLL" (without double quotes) and
    click Ok.
    9. Type in "regsvr32 WUPS.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.
    10. Type in "regsvr32 WUWEB.DLL" (without double quotes) and click Ok.

    If you are still encountering the above error on Windows Update Site then, the Softwaredistribution folder from your system needs to be renamed. By renaming the folder you will be able to get the fresh copy of ActiveX controls needed to access the Windows Update Site.

    1. Click Start > Run
    2. Type "Services.msc" (w/o quotes)
    3. Press OK
    4. Find "Automatic Updates"
    5. Right Click on the Automatic Updates Service and select Stop to stop the
    6. Now Find "Background Intelligent Transfer service"
    7. Right Click on the Background Intelligent Transfer service and select Stop to
    stop the service.

    Step 2: Now try the instructions provided below to rename the
    SoftwareDistribution from your system:

    1. Click on Start, Run and in the Open box write "%systemroot%" (Without Double
    Quotes) and press Enter.
    2. It will open the root folder ( i.e. C:\Windows if you have installed fresh
    copy of the Windows XP OR if you have upgraded over Windows NT then it will open C:\WINNT) from your system.
    3. Locate the SoftwareDistribution folder from the opened window Right Click on the on the SoftwareDistribution folder and select Rename. Type "OldSD", and press Enter.
    4. Once you have renamed the folder try the Step 3.

    Step 3: You need to Start the Automatic Update and Background Intelligent
    Transfer Services on your system:

    1. Click Start > Run
    2. Type "Services.msc" (w/o quotes)
    3. Press OK
    4. Find "Automatic Updates"
    5. Right Click on the Automatic Updates Service and select Start to start the
    6. Now Find "Background Intelligent Transfer service"
    7. Right Click on the Background Intelligent Transfer service and select Start
    to start the service.

    Now try accessing the Windows Update Site and check if our issue is resolved.

    Hopefully this will be alot of help for everyone. It was a pain to find a fix on this error code. I almost did a full format on the computer, but since I still don't know what caused it, I have no way of preventing it from happening again.

    If anyone knows how the error comes up in the first place, please type in here. I need to find out so I can take measures to prevent it.
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    SalgadoJ--Thanks for the information. What was the source?
    I went to Windows Update (which I understand you could not do) and clicked on "Help and Support in the left margin. Eventually I got a page that offered the following to help with the 0x8ddd0004 error
    "When accessing the Update site, you receive the 0x8ddd0004 error

    1. Log on as an administrator for this computer..
    Click Start
    Click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.

    If you do not have an adminstrator account, ask one of the administrators listed to create one for you, and then log on using that account to visit Windows Update.

    If this did not resolve your problem

    2. Accept the Windows Update ActiveX control when Internet Explorer asks if you want to download it.

    Important: To prevent security attacks, do not download a Windows Update control if it is not signed by Microsoft, or if Internet Explorer tells you that the control does not have a valid digital signature. "

    Not sure if Resolution 2 is much help, since it implies the ActiveX control is offered only when you are at the Windows Update site.
    HOWEVER, maybe you should put the link to Windows Update into your Trusted Sites so Active X can run.

    A search at produced the following
    WIN7 Ultimate SP1 64bit, IE 11, NTFS,
    cable, MS Security Essentials, Windows 7 firewall
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    Those so called fixes don't work. Those were the first things I tried. I had to contact microsoft directly to get the solution. Their initial help was no help at all. The problem was taken to real technicians before I was sent the solution.

    The reason the fixes you mentioned didn't work is because I was already an administrator and when you went into the windows update site, it couldn't even check if the activeX was installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SalgadoJ
    I have the fix but it will require some typing in the command prompt.
    No typing required ... I just cut and paste what you typed minus a few del's and scripted this.

    POC (Piece of cake)

    This has been an issue with both 2K and XP FYI
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    What exactly did you put in the script, did you have it do just the commands, or do you have check the registry and system files also?
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    this worked for me. follow the directions exactly

    follow these directions.

    Now I've found the solution for fixing it. This error occurs on me after I repair windows xp home sp2

    there are 2 steps

    1.Re-install Windows Update files

    Note If you have an x64-based computer, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

    2.fix it

    The error 0x8DDD0004 that stopped me getting windows updates after the last

    recent Update (I didn't do anything to cause this and believe MS Update has a

    problem) has been fixed by using OLEFix. This Miraculously fixed my update

    problem along with the following things that happened at the same time.

    Help & Support (stopped working)

    Services (strange messages about scripts running)

    gpedit ( Ditto )
    #5 elegance on 2006-03-05 19:50 (Reply)
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    Hi DustinS, welcome to Virtual Dr

    While we are always glad to see new members who join in order to help others, please check the date of the thread before replying. I'm sure this was sorted out long ago, so I'm going to close it now
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