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    Lost keyboard and mouse function

    Because of an unfortunate mouse driver corruption incident, when I reboot my machine, as soon as windows starts coming up my keyboard and mouse die...the keyboard works until the first sniff of windows.

    I made a big mistake by attempting to run the windows repair option hoping to correct the problem but as the computer is running the repair/setup disk it ask me to insert certain driver disks and then click "OK". Well I can't click ok or use keyboard because neither functions so I am caught in the black hole of death and have to power off the machine. I presume the only way to repair this is to reboot and the do an F8, get to the C: prompt and type in something to at least get my keyboard function back......but what do I type there?

    By the way it's the same deal when I attempt to fix this by going into safe mode. As most of you know just before you boot into safe mode it ask you if you "want to continue into safe mode and to click "OK".....stuck again. No way to select "OK" with no mouse or keyboard function. Have to just power machine off. USB does not function either. My attempt to load the new mouse drivers apparently took out USB function so using a USB keyboard and mouse did nu\ot work either.

    The only way I am posting this now is because I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro on a piggy back drive so I could access the forum here. As you can see my keyboard and mouse work fine on this clean install on the same computer, but I need to get back to the C: drive.....I have years of stuff on it.....any suggestions?

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    muleux-- I wonder if System Restore from a command prompt might help.
    You want to go back to a date before the mouse driver corruption.
    Or perhaps running sfc /scannow from Start|Run or from a command prompt. (You will need your WinXP CD for that.)
    P.S. It is possible to navigate without a mouse
    However, if your keyboard will also not function, that won't help much.
    Ideally you want to get into My Computer|Device Manager and be able to install drivers for the mouse and keyboard or uninstall both and reboot.
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    Hi muleux, welcome to Virtual Dr

    Rescuing your data won't be a problem, you can copy it from your C: drive from your new Windows installation. You may need to forcibly take ownership of a drive or folder. Right-click on the drive or folder, choose "Sharing...", then go to the Security tab and click "Advanced", go to the Owner tab, choose the account you want to take ownership (or the entire Administrators group if you want), and make sure "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" is checked.

    As far as fixing the original Windows installation goes, I think if you are unable to do the over-the-top reinstall then you are well and truly snookered, you'll just have to rescue your data and do a clean reinstall.

    One thing though, did you enable USB keyboard and mouse support in the BIOS before trying USB? You have to do that first, your PS/2 keyboard should work fine in the BIOS Setup.

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