Anyone having problems with WMP9 might want to have a look here...This is the Microsoft newsgroup that deals with Windows Media Player.. it looks like many users are having various difficulties with the latest version 9.. (Also evident from posts around Virtualdr forums)

You may want to wait before you install it if you were considering doing so especially because it doesn't necessarily have an uninstall feature of its own depending on which OS you're using.

For those who have already got it then this link may be useful for troubleshooting.

EDIT- Here's something I've found that apparently will uninstall WMP9.. Start/run...

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\windows\INF\wmp.inf,Uninstall

windows will change to winnt in windows 2000.

You will then have to reinstall the old version of WMP that you had. More info and options about this here..

EDIT2- Here's a little more info on removing wmp9..

It says that it's easy to remove from win98 and 2k but difficult from XP and ME.

Note that WMP 8 is no longer available from microsoft on its own so unless you have WinXP and can reinstall wmp8 from your xp CD then you'll have to use wmp7 which is still available from MS.


Well, as of 19th of April 03 I decided to bite the bullet myself and try WMP9 on my win2k system. I have to say that so far I've had no problems.

I do use Drive Image so installing it was a very low risk venture.


As of August, 03 I've been using WMP9 on my Winxp pro setup and have no problems there either.