Help! I can't get my computer to start in normal mode
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Thread: Help! I can't get my computer to start in normal mode

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    Unhappy Help! I can't get my computer to start in normal mode

    I have a Windows ME '98 edition computer. I just recently started having slowdowns w/ my programs a month ago. Two weeks ago my computer would start freezing up until eventually, it refused to start in normal mode, if only briefly just until my desktop came on and then a blue screen error would come up and say "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer. System halted".

    what does this mean? Do I have a virus? How can I get my computer to start in normal mode again? It's starts in Safe Mode where I can fix some problems if I have to. I've tried scan disk, disk defrag, system restore, made a start up floppy before the problems started and tried that, Dr. Watson, restarting with the reset button and the power button. I just really need some help as to what else I can do?

    I really love my computer and it's in great conditon except for the recent problems. Please help?

    Thank you in advance.

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    What brand of computer is it? Compaq, HP, Non-proprietary?

    Can you boot it to Safe Mode?

    Click Here to see how.
    I apologise for stating something you already know.

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    I have a Systemax '98 computer using Microsoft Windows ME system. Oh, yes I can start my computer in safe mode with no problem. It's getting it to start in normal mode that is the problem. Now, last night I was working on it and I finally did (if only for 5 minutes) get it started in normal mode but on my desktop, everything was shifted about and inch to the right of the screen and the icons and wording looked squished (taller than usual). Just as I expected it would, the screen froze up and I had to shut it down. Now, I wonder what is causing my desktop to be shifted to the right with a one inch black strip of space to the left?
    More problems I think.

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