How do you insert your signature in a Word document?
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Thread: How do you insert your signature in a Word document?

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    How do you insert your signature in a Word document?

    Just curious how do you set up Word to allow you to enter your written signature? I've tried scanning my signature and saving it as a .jpg file. Word allows me to insert it but it's just outlined without anything inthe square. I've tried to move it to the front/back ect...but it won't let me?


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    You have the right idea. Just need to work out the graphics part.
    Try saving it as a GIF, resizing, and give it a transparent background.

    Would also limit using it for printing only. Sending it across the web is not a good idea. Bad, bad...

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    Not sure what the problem is ... may be you tell us how you insert the oicture ... did you go Insert > Picture > From File?

    The method below is great if you have a tablet and a stylus but will also work if you are good with the mouse:

    Insert > Object > Creat New > Bitmap image. The window will change to one look just like MS Paint and you use it just like you would MS Paint (actually, it is Paint that is integrated into Word.) Use the Paint Brush tool to write your signature. When done simply click anywhere outside of the "box". Afterward you can resize and/or move it around just as you would any image / object.
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