ISP blueprint/architecture request.
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Thread: ISP blueprint/architecture request.

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    ISP blueprint/architecture request.

    Dear all,

    We are approaching to design an architecture for an (internal) ISP for a huge university, something to support 40,000 mailboxes, it's not offical tender yet, but we are doing it as an internal workshop and how do we want the paltform design looks like.

    Does anyone has a blueprint, template, or a typical example of an ISP's architecture? based on Sun systems and software, diagrams if possible.

    I did many searches on the net, but most of the results came up on "Enterprise Architect" sites and references. I couldn't find an example of a real ISP architecture.

    Also, we learned that a typical ISP architecture usually can be segmented into the following four areas:

    - basic services (Mail, Web Hosting, Proxy, ..etc)
    - value-added services (Calendar, WebMail, SMS, AddressBook, Search Engine, ..etc), these can vary from and ISP to another based on the competition.
    - infrastructure services (FTP, DHCP, HTTP, IMPA
    - and operation and management services (JumpStart, Monitoring, Provisioning, Backup, ..etc)

    One more thing, there is a VERY dedicated blueprint book, written by a Sun engineer, but it's not for free, so you have to pay for it. It's very focused on ISP architecture and solution design, but it's out of our reach.

    I couldn't find a good place (forums or anything) to post my request, so I referred back to my favorite place to ask for some help.

    Any ideas? references? links? PDF files? please help us to make a draft architecture.

    Thanks for your assistance
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