Lately WinXP Pro takes more time than usual to wake up once a I come back to the system after it has been idle and left on. It will show the basic desktop background for around 10 seconds before going to the "welcome" screen so I can chose a user. Today, the last user that was logged on when the system went to screen saver did not display only "# programs running" under the user icon but the number of unread messages and the number of programs running in my main email client, Netscape 4.7. I mainly browse with Mozilla 1.5 and use IE6 only when I get to a website that does not display on the other browsers.

Any ideas? Ran Spybot and Adaware yesterday and update AVG daily with all the virus activity of late. The only Spybot items that were not deleted were some Backweb Lite entries that appear to be there from some new Kodak software for a new digital camera I recently acquired.