windows could not log you on?
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Thread: windows could not log you on?

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    windows could not log you on?

    earlier i was looking for a way to bypass the startup screen on windows xp home

    i found a thread where someone wrote that you could start-run-control userpasswords2 and then unchecked "users must enter a username and password"

    after i did this it still required a click on the username

    so i looked at the user list and found 3 users : administrator/owner/.net something

    i deleted the .net account and moved all the information from the owner folders to the all users folders and then deleted this account as well

    now when i get to the start screen there is nothing for me to choose so i hit cntrl alt del 2x and go to the logon box and typed in administrator (there is no password for this account - i know) but it says "unable to log you on because of an account restriction"

    any help would be greatly apprecitated

    thanks in advance


    *edit* got the exact message from startup
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    Error Message: Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction

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    i prolly just read that

    but to sum it up:

    xp home will not allow the administrator to log onto the machine in anything except safe mode

    sooo - logged into safemode
    created another account
    start run ...

    it works

    thanks all

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