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Thread: Internet Explorer 6- Can't Open Pictures

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    Internet Explorer 6- Can't Open Pictures

    I have Windows 98. I upgraded my Internet Explorer from 4.0 to 6. When I save pictures, I right click, click "Save Picture As", and then save the picture in bitmap format (the only other format that I can choose is ART). I use Ulead PhotoImpact, and when I try to open the picture up, first, it converts the picture into JPEG format automatically, and then it says "Unknown File Format", and the picture doesn't even open up. I've tried to open the picture in MSPaint, Picture Viewer, and ArcSoft PhotoImpression, and the same thing keeps happening. I've already cleared my Temporary Internet Folder, but that didn't help. How do I fix this problem? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi Sailor

    Welcome to VirtualDr.

    The format that files can be saved in, when right clicking to save, depends on the format that they were created in, it needs to be something compatable.

    Have you checked if you are limited to only these two formats with other pictures? If so something has really screwed up.

    To display a picture, you may need to set the file associations for the viewer that you are going to use to that of the format of the saved file. Once again only compatable formats may be viewed on particular viewers.

    To set the associations, in Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types. Associate the extension with the application you wish to use to view it. To view .jpg or .gif you can use Internet Explorer. .bmp in paint, and so on.

    There is another option you have and that is to save the picture with a capture device. Doing this allows you to save it in almost any format, depending which device you use.

    I like Snagit available here. BF

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    Are you using AOL? It may be that the file type of the image really is .art (an AOL proprietary file type) and right click|Save As is at least offering you the alternative chance to save it as .bmp (bitmap) which is opened by MS Paint by default in Windows.
    Rather than use Ulead to open the saved image, use MSPaint. Can you then convert from Paint to .jpg or .gif (Open the image i MSPaint, File|Save As)?
    If not, you probably do not have Word installed on your PC. You then have at least two choices if you do not like to use .bmp.
    1) Save the image as .bmp, then open it in Irfanview and, using File|Save As, save it as any other common image file type.
    You can get Irfanview (free) here
    2) Add the necessary files to your PC from this site to permit MSPaint to convert to .jpg or .gif.
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