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Thread: What "little" program could you simply not do without?

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    COWON's JET-Toolbar

    The best toolbar ever made !!
    It's the very first program i use to install in every new system i build.
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    Most of my favorites are listed, but one oddly overlooked and which I would not be without is 'Push the Freakin' Button.'

    This little utility allows users to circumvent those moments when Windows calls them and idiot for making a choice ("Are you sure .. ?"). This proggie presses the 'OK' button(s) automatically, whether emptying the Recycle Bin or closing a program. Sweet!

    Home page is here .


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    Clipomatic ...... a clipboard cache program - remembers what was copied to the clipboard even after new data is copied..probably my most used utility. I can have 60+ items copied & ready to paste.


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    To Rambler. You said "Proxomitron - wouldn't be without it. I've configured dozens of new filters for ad-blocking and altering webpage HTML. For instance, I can't see the large blue banner at the top of this page...."
    I have proxomitron. What is the code to put into proxomotron to get rid of the large blue banner?

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    Talking What "little" program I love the most

    It's called Text Cleanup! As the company, Custom Solutions, sums it up: It's the quick and easy way to clean up ugly, badly formatted text!

    For instance (again, quoting from CS's Web site):

    Remove unwanted line breaks in the middle of paragraphs
    Remove those annoying e-mail reply marks (> symbols)
    Remove unwanted formatting when copying and pasting
    Automatically correct common typing and spelling errors
    Clean up word and sentence spacing
    And much more!

    I couldn't live without it. CS bills it as a word processor and text editor. The way I usually use it is to copy and paste something into Text Cleanup, run the cleanup options (configurable by you), then copy and paste it into my regular word-processing program (WP9). Automatically takes out all that hidden formatting so you don't have to keep clicking through to delete hard returns and so forth.

    Costs $24.95. Well worth it! One of the few "little" programs I've chosen to register and pay for.

    Find it here:
    Text Cleanup from Custom Solutions

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    Outpost firewall (free)

    Proxomitron (free)

    MRUblaster (free)

    Samspade -ping trace etc- (free)

    driveimage (not free)

    And there's one little program that gets overlooked so often and I've been using it for years and so have many others..


    ..extremely reliable.. perhaps the only program I have that as far as I can recall has never crashed.
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    Maybe not the most useful of programs for every day survival, but together, fun hobby tools:
    Total Recorder records any sound going through your sound card http://www.highcriteria.com/ , and
    mp3butcher http://www.smart.icenter.pl/mp3/butcher/ allows you to cut and paste mp3 files with great precision.

    Simple programs that do what they're supposed to do and no messing around.

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    Open Expert adds an Open With right click menu to any file type to open in any application you choose. I cant imagine doing without it.

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    Ummm don't think I posted here LOL...

    www.webwasher.com works so well with zonealarm. on dsl or modem56 etc.. easier to config webwasher than other proxies.

    I never leave home without them.


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    DigiGuide - Best TV & Radio guide I've come across.

    Costs just £6.99 or $11.99 per year and well worth the money in my estimation. Free trial period.

    Since I gave up hope I feel much better

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    Hi All,

    Just ran across a little program that adds to your right click context menu that copies the file path of items on your computer and enables you to paste the file path into whatever you wish. Quite honestly, I don't know how I got along without it.........

    Try it, you'll like it...............

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Please post back so others can benefit also........

    John Steven

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    I suppose it's not a program strictly speaking (although there is a dll file involved ) But this little reg hack & dll install allows you to save and restore desktop icon placement by right clicking the recycle bin & choosing. Has saved me a number of times from having to rearrange my sixty or so icons after going into safe mode or deleting shelliconcache etc.

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    fink,,you just rang a' bell in the ol' noggin'. It's not a "program" as such, but i certainly would not be without Axcel's website in my Favs! One of the greatest sites for Windoze tips,tricks and tweakin' i've ever come across! Even has it's own folder in my fav list...

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    You mentioned WinZip; I have WinZip 7.0; have never paid for it as I use it rarely; I use UltimateZip as mentioned before. UZ has extracted and finished by the time WinZip gets through the nag screen and lets you push the I Agree button. If you haven't tried it, take a look at Their Home page.

    It's free too, no nag screens, etc.

    One other, I thought of is SoftCat which is invaluable if you install a lot of software. It's free too (as are a lot of my programs), and nearly invaluable. They have other 'catalog' programs like for stamps or music, which are purchasable, but their software catalog program is free.
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    A new shareware program for you to trial EXTRADNS by www.extratools.com speeds up your connection a little bit better.

    " ExtraDNS works smarter than the standard windows DNS resolver. ExtraDNS sends requests to up to 10 available DNS servers simultaneously and supplies the reply to the application from the first (and fastest) to answer."

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