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Thread: What "little" program could you simply not do without?

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    I like the slack checker and a couple others she has.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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    Sorry folks, the "views count" glitch was my fault, I merged a couple of posts into this one that were posted as seperate topics and used the wrong thread as the "base" so it inherited the new thread's views count.
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    Now here's one i picked up from Fred Langa's list.
    Drive letter re-assigner.
    Haven't tried it myself yet,but sounds like a good tool for us "simpler is better" users...
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    "Turbine Video Encoder" for those of you into that kind a thing.I dont think it has been mentioned though it may have been and I missed it getting goofy eyed trying to read and ck out all these goodies

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    Originally posted by Beep
    @ PhiloVance HDValet is available HERE
    Ok, thanks.

    Neogeek, I'd totally forgotten about Karen Kenworthy. She has a lot of neat tools. Thanks for reminding me.

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    forgot a great one (or maybe i didnt see it)

    tsuname mpg encoder


    best encoder/re-encoder/re-muxer out there

    and its free

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    I don't think my programs will fit in with your party, but in anycase here they are from the largest to the smallest:

    Just type these in a search and you'll find.

    Calypso - Free email client. Company went ch11.
    Anvil Studio - For creating MIDI music
    Lynx - For fast text based browsing, nothing could be better.
    pine - Client I use on my slow 486.
    Emblish -Efficently written Graphics program like Photoshop (although it works with objects instead of layers) Although native to OS/2, a Win32 version is compiled. Company Dadaware Sunk, but they make their software free.
    GNUplot -not gnu related, but free advanced math langauge
    -available for all operating systems, even OS/2.
    FractMus2000 - Make MIDI music based on fractal algorytms.
    jpegcrop -GNU crop and rotate
    mpxplay - Most efficent MP3 player. Works on slow 486.
    jpegtran -GNU commandline image rotate and transform.
    SawCutter -Most versitle sythensizer program (tight and efficent too!) I make my own rythms and sound effects with this small program.
    go to http://jpegclub.org/ for DOS compiled version.
    lxpic - Most efficently written command line image viewer (30k)
    DocStyles - Download the latest on MLA and APA changes
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    Ahh... I found a nice one today, it's called Drempels v1.4 . What it does, is replace the desktop wallpaper, and replaces it with a screensaver like effect. Looks really nice.

    It will also work with Windows XP, but if you want "Drempels Desktop" to run at Startup, you'll need to place a copy of "Run Drempels Desktop" shortcut (icon) in the Startup folder under All Programs. Don't select if from the "Configure Drempels" option.
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    What about MouseImp from TV4studios?

    It allows you to right-click and drag a page up and down, rather than scrolling with the wheel or seeking out the scroll bars. Even on long pages like this forum, you grab it in the middle of the screen and drag it all the way to the top or bottom in one pass.

    I like it so well, I went back to ME after discovering it wouldn't work in XP.

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    I recently found a great little application for WIN2K and XP that can add scripts to a fully customizable display: weather, CPU usage etc... and of course, it's Freewaree.



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    Metapad is a replacement for Windows Notepad, with a great deal more functionality, including;

    Persistent window placement
    Dirty file notification
    Intelligent Find and Replace
    External viewer support (e.g. web browser)
    Usable accelerator keys (Ctrl+S, Ctrl+N, etc.)
    Dual customizable font support
    Optional Quick Exit (Esc key)
    Configurable tab stop setting
    Auto-indent mode
    Go to Line/Column
    Seamless UNIX text file support
    Block indent and unindent (Tab, Shift+Tab)
    Recent files list
    WYSIWYG printing
    Snazzy status bar & funky toolbar
    No file size limit! (under Win9x)
    Hyperlink support

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    Just thought that I would add another one to the list:

    Broken Cross CD manager, it is a great program that catalogues cds. Makes it easy to find the rest of my programs.
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    Thumbs up ram booster =free and it works

    great little freebie for boosting ram..
    fast defrag
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    I've been following this thread with much interest, and have noted a lot of programs I already use (irfanview, spybot S&D, CDex, and more) as well as dozens more programs that I've never heard about but plan on trying out!

    Here's my 2 bits:

    Flexible Renamer Yes, I know that there was another renamer utility (rjhsomethingorother), but I tried it and couldn't get it to work, so I did a search and came across this. Was a breeze to use, and no install!

    Smart FTP Excellent FTP client.

    GuildFTPd Just learned of this one, but it's working great, and no problems thus far!

    Zonealarm I don't remember if someone has already plugged it, but hey, it's so good it deserves another mention as the easiest (but still highly effective) firewall out there! (hope the link works)

    Notetab Quick and powerful MS Notepad replacement

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    my favorite small programs -

    polyview - the slide show is a great feature for
    finding that pic you forgot the name of
    and/or viewing an entire collection of
    pictures. select the length of time each
    photo is viewed(1-15 seconds).

    1by1 - i recently found this mp3 player, all it does
    is play mp3. something like 45kb download.
    who needs all the flash and tinsel when all
    i really want is to hear the music .

    both require win95 minimum and
    these can be found at download .com ie cnet.
    i love to tinker, my ideas may be unorthodox.i don't suggest it if i
    haven't tried it. it might not remember
    how well it worked, only that it did.
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