What "little" program could you simply not do without?
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Thread: What "little" program could you simply not do without?

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    Question What "little" program could you simply not do without?

    I've always wanted to make a list of all of the great little programs I've found over the years that I feel like I couldn't do without. You know the one's I'm talking about, the first ones that you put on a computer if you've just installed the System Software. Those little programs that maybe even Microsoft has realized how good they are and they've integrated them into their OS (like a zip program).

    I can name a few, but I'd like to hear your favorites and if you can offer a link to them that would be great as well.

    One of my favorites is MomWallpaper, a wallpaper randomizer that let's you set the amount of time each wallpaper is shown, resize, stretch, run randomly or sequentially, and it works with just about any image format. I liked it so much that I bought version 1.1.3 years ago and it works perfectly, but you can download free trial of it.

    Another of my favorites is GoldWave. It's another shareware program that gives you a huge amount of options in editing Wav files and you can also use it to record any sound the comes through your sound card at excellent quality.

    I'll list one more (although I've got probably a dozen or so I love). The last one is CDex. I believe it is Freeware. You can rip tracks from your audio CDs into Wav or Mp3 format and it even supports CDDB so it can download and automatically list the CD Artist, Song Titles, and more. It supports a ton of audio formats and even lets you convert audio files as well.

    Well there, I've listed just a few of the "little" programs I really enjoy and you can even download all of them for yourselves (at least a trial). I'm very eager to hear some of your favorites.

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    Irfanview A small,free ,low resource graphics viewer ,works great as a default viewer for Graphics files .Opens incredibly fast and is good for resizing images for web or email
    Motherboard MonitorUsed for monitoring CPU temps(may not work with all Motherboards) It can be set to Autoshutdown the Computer if CPU temps reach a preset temperature.

    Aida32used for identifying system hardware and software licenses.

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    a 36KB which can splitt large files to the amount required save them on multiple floppy diskes and then rejoin the splitted file in another computer.

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    Two words, Ghost

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    Some Of My Favorite Software

    I guess one of my most favorite downloads (and free too) from the Internet and one I use every day, is "iespell" at http:www.iespell.com/ I belong to a lot of different forums and I am not the greatest speller in the world, and with this little program, after you finish writing your post, you can use this program to check your spelling. It is listed under "Tools" in your Browser so all you have to do is click on it.
    Another, is Spyblocker. It use to be free, and that was when I got it. But now you have to pay for it. I don't go to the web site any more since I want to keep my free version, so I don't know the address. But this is one of the greatest programs I could have put on my computer. Besides blocking web sites from spy ware, it also acts almost like a firewall and won't let anything in on Port 80 or anything going out. My husband's PC is networked with my PC and even he can't access my PC unless I close my Spy Blocker down. Since I have started using this, I never find any ad-ware or spy ware on my computer when I run "Ad-Ware" which is another great program to have.
    And just one more program I want to add: Pop-Up Stopper by Panic Ware. There is a free version and it is great for getting rid of all those annoying pop-ups. You can run it in your system tray or not. I only put it in my system tray when I suddenly start getting pop-ups. I don't run it in my system tray until then because once you start using it, you have to always hold down your shift key when opening a link into another window because it does not know the difference between a new opened window and a pop-up. Those are just a few programs that I really love and wouldn't want to live without.

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    Bookmark Wizard, TextPad and WinRar are 3 nice "little" programs I couldnt do without.

    the link for the bookmark wizard homepage is http://www.moonsoftware.com but it seems to be down!!!!!!

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    Zip Central: http://www.webmasterfree.com/zipcentral.html

    WinME Defrag: http://members.cox.net/scotterpops/e...cements9c.html

    HD Valet: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,26680,00.asp

    End It All(or as i like to call it,"suicidal" ):

    Toni Art's Easy Cleaner: http://www.toniarts.com/ecleane.htm

    JV's Reg Cleaner,Power tool for the not-so faint of heart:

    Phylles Wallpaper Switcher,best dang wallpaper manager and it's free!: http://www.philippe.bedard.net/vieux_descr.html

    At least for Win9x flavors,,Spidey: http://www.fsm.nl/ward/

    Image Shooter(used to be screenshooter): Well,looks like fibdev is making some changes and it may not be fully free in future edition,but i'm sure as heck gonna' save my old version. Captures full screen or selected area and saves as jpg,bitmap or meta file:

    Also,ad blockers,SptBot and adaware: http://www.adshield.org/
    http://spybot.safer-networking.de/ http://www.majorgeek.com/index2.html

    There are more,but these go on right away with a fresh install...
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    Hi System Mechanic use it everyday has multiple features not a free prog I'm afraid. Also already mentioned X-Teq Systems X- Setup. And for any web user Startpage Guard.

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    Talking Great Submissions, I Look Forward to Seeing More!

    Excellent! Many of these programs are perfect, and are things I've been looking for for quite some time (like the Spell Checker build into your web browser)! Thanks for all your posts and I look forward to seeing some from even more people!

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    Jason Levine's Script Sentry and Cookie Jar:

    and Mike Lin's Clipomatic:

    I like freebies like the above.

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    Some of my Favorites are;

    Ifranview for Graphics

    Access Manager for Password management

    Countdown for keeping track of future dates

    Ultimate Zip for file zipping

    Partition Magic for disk management (not free, but well worth every penny paid)

    Belarc Advisor for system information

    Roxio Easy CD Creator for burning CD's (also not free)
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    Drive Image . Don't know how I lived without it.
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    Originally posted by mawil:
    Drive Image. Don't know how I lived without it.
    Hey mawil, with Drive Image, is the image the exact same size as your Hard Drive saving each and every file, or compress them, or does it just save settings? I'm curious because most Hard Drives today would have way too much information to fit onto one zip disc. Is this similiar to Window's own System Restore?

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    I've been thinking about this since the thread started and I finally came up with it after installing another OS on my computer...

    Proxomitron... The 1st program that gets installed... It's on every computer and every OS on my tri-boot...
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