How do I know if my CD-ROM is working PROPERLY?
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Thread: How do I know if my CD-ROM is working PROPERLY?

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    Question How do I know if my CD-ROM is working PROPERLY?

    I am not sure if my CD rom is working properly. I have a programme I have to insert the disc for each time I use it and sometimes, the programme opens up and is fine and other times, it opens up, stops a few seconds, then opens up again so two of the same programme is running.

    Also, when I exit the programme (it has a little exit key to click) the CD -ROM takes a while to stop making the "whiring" sound and during the time it is running, it goes quiet, when I am enetering data and then when I press submit it starts up again, I think thats normal but.

    It plays music CD's okey, but this is the first time I have used a Programme CD. I use 3 or 4 times a day. Also, I leave the CD in the CD-ROM when I am not using the programme as I use it frequently but every now and then, when I aren't using it, the CD makes a "Whooshy" noise only for a few seconds, then goes quiet. I don't think it should do that but I don't know for sure.

    So, how do I check the CD-ROM? Also, I read on another topic about reinstalling the drivers incase they have been corupted but I wouldn't know where to start! The CD-ROm is a Sony CDU 5211

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    I dont know much about cd-roms but as long as you can play music and it can read cd-roms, and its not scratching them i wouldnt worry bout it

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    Cdroms, dvdroms, and cd burners all use standard windows drivers . (Unless using some exotic kind perhaps ie firewire, usb 2.0 etc)

    If you really need to , go into device manager , find the cdrom and delete it , reboot and windows will detect the drive and might ask for the windows disk for the drivers .

    The Sony Cdu5211 has a test page from CDSpeed 2000

    Why not download the software and test your cdrom and compare against the test graph ??
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