I've seen CD-ROMs with SCSI and 40-pin IDE connections. This is the first one I've seen with 34-pins: SONY CDU33A-01. The 34-pin section is labeled MAIN I/F (I assume I/F stands for interface?). A second 10-pin section is labeled SUB I/F. Other connectors are normal: two power connections and a ground.

Can someone please tell me:

>> What kind of CD-ROM is this and what is it called?

>> How do I hook it up to use it?

I obtained drivers from both:

The DriverGuide site also had this comment:

"Complete DOS installation disk for the CDU-31A and CDU-33A when attached to a Sony CDB-334, COR-333 or COR-334 interface card. Includes version 1.73a of SLCD.SYS."

>> What is the nature of this interface card?

>> Is there an alternative way to hook up this drive without the card?